Melting Away on the Last Days of Summer: Tom Dixon Melt Pendants and NY NOW

Perhaps it goes without saying, but Tom Dixon is an endless source of inspiration for industrial designers and interior decorators. A most recent example of his brilliance: These melt pendants are made to look like ethereal globs of liquid metal that float above a kitchen island or coffee table. Custom molds, polycarbonate, and a metallic-painted metal interior make it look as though they've hovered straight out of a science fiction movie. It's all the more impressive that Dixon has retained his sense of play since starting as a self-trained designer three decades ago.

From an interview with the Design Museum in London: "Working in the early 1980s could have been a dispiriting experience if I had known any better, but I was blissfully unaware and tried a variety of means of getting (my work) to market, driven mainly by necessity or naive optimism. If I knew as much as I do now, I almost certainly would not have bothered. I explored a variety of affordable techniques for self-production and usually designed to fit a new machine tool I had bought, a new stock of cheap available raw material, or to fit a local subcontractor’s skills."