Birthday Boy

"Birthday Boy." Oil on canvas. Haniya Rae, 2018

"Birthday Boy." Oil on canvas. Haniya Rae, 2018

Valtentine’s Day is Kyle’s birthday and Kyle’s dad’s birthday. I’ve always found it interesting and odd that birthdays run in families. Maybe it’s just the families I know.

When I was working on this painting, I thought a lot about how to paint a nose, or how to suggest a nose or an eye. I think sometimes light can seem like an easy thing to look for and to capture when painting, but it can also ruin the effect of the shape or the color of you’re trying too hard to portray contrast.  

For me, painting is much more fun when contrast isn’t the main point (though might still be a part of the work). 

PS: This is my first daily painting blog, hopefully one of many to come.